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I have software from Steinberg that I cannot install, due to registration/activation issues related to their chosen Soft eLicenser required process. Companies like Steinberg are working with online licensing companies, like eLicenser, who offer no support or assistance of any kind. Steinberg is not able to provide viable solutions in a timely manner to customers, nor are they exerting any pressure on eLicenser to provide solutions or assistance.

When attempting to perform my Cubase LE 4 (and other software) registration/activation that came with my E-MU 1212m PCIe Audio System, everything goes just fine until I get to the final step where I input the Activation Code into Soft eLicenser Control Center, and it attempts to validate the registration online. What I get is:

"License Download"

"A connection to the Internet could not be established."

"Please verify your computer's network settings, network cable connections etc. to ensure that your computer has access to the Internet."

"License download failed."

Hmmm... I'm connected just fine to the Internet. I started by downloading the most current version of eLicenser from their website and installing it clean (v6.1.4.1049), I've followed instructions provided by Steinberg and disabled any and all firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spamware, allowed the suggested IP addresses and domains with both my system and ISP, and still get the exact same response that I'm not connected to the Internet.

What a waste of valuable time, resources, and patience. I think I'd rather try to stop a speeding truck on the freeway with my body.



So, here's an update, which only proves my original complaint...

Yamaha provides support for Steinberg products in the U.S., so a local support person calls me today, logs onto my computer remotely, assuming I've got something set-up incorrectly. There wasn't. I've been working on computers since 1978, have designed and built them, and tend to know a little more than the average computer user.

This Yamaha customer support person proceeds to advise me to go ahead and register the software on another computer, here's a few more registration codes for me to work with, and then I'm supposed to transfer the software registration/authorization to the other computer. He says that maybe I should take my laptop to another location and gain the registration/authorization there.

Here are the problems:

1) I don't have the hardware, which provides the software install authorization, installed on any other computer.

2) When I attempt to install the Cubase LE 4 software which came with my E-MU 1212m PCIe, naturally it cannot find the authorized hardware installed, so installation aborts right there.

3) I'm able to locate another copy of Cubase LE 4, bundled with another product, so I install it on another computer, taking the Yamaha support person's word that I'll be able to transfer the registration/authorization if successful.

4) I successfully install Cubase LE 4 on another computer, go through the registration/authorization process, using one of the additional registration codes provided by Yamaha support, and voila, it registers and authorizes.

5) Here's where the fun starts. The only way eLicenser works to transfer registration/authorization is through the use of their USB dongle, which did not come with my system, as it's supposed to be done via Soft-eLicenser (without the USB dongle).

The upshot is, I've spent hours trying to resolve a Cubase LE 4 installation registration issue by utilizing a recommendation which cannot possible work for my purposes, from someone who is supposed to be providing this level of professional support to customers. I give the Steinberg/Yamaha/eLicenser combined effort a major F-minus, zero out of any number of stars, a negative number if one existed.

If you want to avoid these types of problems, STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING WHICH RELIES ON eLICENSER TECHNOLOGY!!! It's absolutely worthless on some systems, and mine is brand new, all name brand components, on which pretty much anything screams on in the way of speed.

How incredibly frustrating, and a terrible waste of time and brain cells!

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Same issue, recently i have contacted support for activation issue and now they give me some random excuses for activation issue...completely hopeless

Blakely, Georgia, United States #247166

Correct, and a good reason I prefer Cakewalk X1 Producer.

The solution provided by Yamaha was to send to me a pre-authorized USB eLicenser, which only proves the problems I spoke about with the Soft eLicenser technology.


Are you kidding? Cubase 4 is about 4 years old...

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